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Next dimension of tea experience created by Single-origin Sencha: Japanese green tea.


現在、流通している煎茶はブレンドされたものが主流です。ブレンドは、味のバランスを作り安定させ、価格を調整するために必要なことでした。しかし、品種の味わいや生産者の想いがストレートに伝わらないという課題があります。どこで誰によって作られた、どんな品種なのか。そしてそこにどんなストーリーがあるのか。飲む人の視点に立ったお茶のスタイル、それが「green brewing」です。知れば知るほど深みのある煎茶の世界へようこそ!


Sencha that we regularly see in the market are blended. The blend is necessary for balancing and stabilizing the taste, and adjusting the price. However, there is a problem that the taste of the cultivars and the feelings of the manufacturers are not transmitted straight. Where was it made by whom, and what is the cultivar. And what kind of story there is inside. The style of tea from the viewpoint who drinks it, is "green brewing". Welcome to the world of Sencha, the deeper it gets the more you know!

Obsessively focused on the manufacturer, and transmitting the information to the consumer, we want to activate the market and create a cycle of various tea leaves being distributed. For this we increase the traceability of product information and keep the information open.

We choose the tea leaves from the points of view below and judge comprehensively.

That it has quality that we can be proud to the world as tea from Japan
That it has unique taste or pursues the characteristic of the cultivar
That the manufacturer is an innovative farmer (=story, volume of product story, nomination from tea merchant, etc)


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Tea from all over Japan.

Haven’t you thought that tea from the same region all taste the same? Even in one region, many tea farmers create various cultivars of tea under different soil conditions. It’s a shame to categorize all of them as “Sencha”.

Please try the difference of the unique single farm single cultivar tea and give your thoughts to the tea farms around Japan.

Varieties of cultivars, varieties of flavors.

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