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日本茶専用ドリッパー「GREEN DRIPPER」





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Hand-drip Sty‍‍‍le

‍‍‍Clear Teapot "Toumei Kyusu"

Retail/Experience store of Clear Teapot "Toumei Kyusu"

Experience store of Hand-drip green tea

Ginza, Tokyo

Sangenjaya, Tokyo

Senchado Tokyo‍‍‍

Tokyo Saryo

Kamiuma 1-34-15, Setagaya, Tokyo, 154-0011

Holiday: Monday (except for National Holidays on Monday, in which case we are open on the holiday and closed the following Tuesday instead)

Weekday: 1PM-8PM / Saturday, Sunday, and National holidays: 11AM-8PM‍‍‍

5-10-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061

A new tea extraction tool "Transparent Kyusu" which was created with the purpose of redesigning the Kyusu tea pot for the first time in about 260 years since Horeki 6 (1756) when they began to be used in Japan. Based on the concept of "making tea extraction ultimately simple", it is a one-serving size teapot designed according to modern lifestyle. The body transparent like glass is molded with extremely thick resin by a special technique. There is no worry of cracking even if dropped.

“Hand dripped Japanese tea” experience shop Sankenjyaya, TokyoBased on the concept “Bring in Japanese tea with great aroma into ordinary lifestyle, just like a specialty coffee you enjoy at a café”, this dripper was developed exclusively for Japanese tea. Utilizing "extraction theory and tools to drip coffee", we have created a new style of Japanese tea to enjoy unique single origin tea leaves with the best taste and aroma. The beautiful works of the technique obtained by the Barista and the extracting with familiar tools is another way to enjoy.


green brewin‍‍‍g 旗艦店/直営店‍‍‍


〒154-0011 東京都世田谷区上馬‍‍‍1丁目34−15


平日 13:00 ~ 20:00 / 土日祝 11:00 ~ 20:00‍‍‍


定休日 Holiday:なし(年末年始・お盆を除く) None

営業時間 Open H‍‍‍our: 11:00 ~ 19:00




green brewing ‍‍‍直営店‍‍‍



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‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍美味しい淹れ方・‍‍‍レシピ‍‍‍Methods / Recipes

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